Maldives is a island that near in Indian Ocean. The total area of Maldives is 115 square miles. The population on January is 328,536. the capital city of Maldives is Male. male is the largest city in Maldives. the language that people used is English and  Dhivedi. The religion is Islam. most of the people is Muslim. The population the people that can read is 96%. there is also fishing industry. as you can see on the picture, the sea is so clean. So we don’t have to go inside to see the fishes or the surface. there is also restaurant under the water. the houses also above the water. So.. that’s all about Meldives. Why you don’t try to go there? Try do go there and you will see the real one… I will be sure that you like Maldives because so clean and you know the facts abut Maldives. Dont forget to go there with your family (if yoou already have family) because i think your child or children will like Maldives.