News: Raka sent into a rehab for a year

The Tangerang district court on Thursday sentenced Raka Widyarma, the foster son of Banten Deputy Governor Rano Karno, to a one-year rehabilitation term for drug possession.

Presiding judge Daniel K. Sandan said Raka and his friend, Karina Andetia, had been found guilty of violating the 2009 law on narcotics.

Based on witnesses’ testimonies during the trial proceedings, Raka was known to have used illegal drugs after finding out that he was adopted by Rano, who is also a renowned actor. The bench said that Raka was not proven to be involved in any form of drug trafficking.

The sentence was more lenient than the prosecution demanded, which was that both Raka and Karina should be sent to prison for one year. The prosecutors, Riyadi and Putri Ayu, said they would consider whether to appeal the verdict.

Raka and Karina were arrested after police officers and custom officials at Sukarno-Hatta International Airport found a package of ecstasy pills sent from Malaysia through air cargo on March 4.

Disguising themselves as cargo couriers, the police officers delivered the package to its intended recipient, a resident of the Bintaro housing estate in South Tangerang named Irwan Imam, as written on the package.

Karina, who greeted the undercover officers at her parents’ house, admitted that the package was Raka’s order. She then called Raka, who was sitting in the living room, to come out and take the package. Based on the police’s investigation, it was revealed that Raka had apparently used a fake ID card when ordering ecstasy pills through air freight from Malaysia.

my opinion:

SAY NO TO DRUGS!!!! don’t ever use narkoba and stay away from drugs. if you use narkoba you will have the same thing as Raka and his friend Kariana. narkoba is very dangerous thing. besides that narkoba can cause damage of the central nervous system and organs of the body. if we use narkoba we can get same of a dangerous sickness wich are overdoses, mental disorders, death etc. Prison is one of the punishment using drugs. and remember SAY NO TO DRUGS !!!!!!!!


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